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Re: Last Resort Series Finale Discussion *Spoilers Possible*

ThunderAeroI wrote: View Post
Two words: Air Wolf Rocks

ok, that's three words
Air Wolf does rock, but it's more of a shady spy with a helicopter show than anything military.

bigdaddy wrote:
The only military show that seems decent to me at all has been "The Unit" and that's based on a somewhat fictional unit of the military.
Technically the Unit isn't military at all.

All the best military shows are long gone and set mostly during World War Two. They were serious (Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rat Patrol) and funny (McHale's Navy, Sgt. Bilko).

It seems if the pilot sucks this year the show is good (The Neighbors) and if the pilot is good (The Following, Last Resort) then the show turns up to me lame.
Okay, I gotta ask: What part of the Last Resort pilot was good? Cause obviously I missed that...
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