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Re: Liability insurance for their firearms - USA's solution?

For some reason most news outlets just posted 11 of the 22 pages, perhaps because he was fawning all over their anchors and giving them advice or something, or perhaps because it's hard to seriously argue that the news media doesn't influence some of these shooters when a manifesto reads like it was penned by a expert news media critic. It gets a little surrea in placesl, like he's having a friendly chat with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.

I also felt like he was covering every random topic (Jennifer Biel, Chris Christie, Charlie Sheen, Larry David, and about a hundred other personalities) that a cop might discuss with his partner during an eight hour shift in a squad car. Is the guy off his rocker or completely normal (aside from the well-thought out murderous rampage/assassination bit)?

If the LAPD can't stop this guy and he starts fighting crime and corruption from outside the law then the story is going to get really crazy, in a Hollywood/Dark Knight kind of way.

ETA: He's a staunch supporter of Obama and George HW Bush, and badly wants Chris Christie or Hillary Clinton in 2016. Who does that?! Is that where the train left the tracks?
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