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Re: Would curing the Phage be a Prime Directive Breach?

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^ But at the end, "Pen Pals" established that helping an alien race (no matter what its technological level might be) which ASKS for help, is by definition not a Prime Directive violation. Sarjenka's distress call made it legal to help her people. Same thing would apply to the Valakians, and the Vidiians.
You need to watch that episode again.

Picard was guilted into breaking the Prime Directive.

He made a connection with a deadgirl and couldn't let her die because he had feelings.

Saving that planet should have lost him his ship.

Although he saved the world in such a way that his interference was invisible.

Isn't it odd that Nikki Cox was such a beautiful girl in her twenties but as she got older and her plastic surgery addictions ramped up, her choices seemed to turn her back into Sarjenka?
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