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Re: Geordi's Authority

A moot point, since that version of Picard shied away from command responsibilities, rather than went after them.
How is that "moot"?
It's moot, because that Picard didn't continue as a command division officer, but backed away from it. The particular discussion was about blueshirts switching/aspiring to command, not the other way around.
I actually think the best fit is just that Starfleet personnel can change jobs over the course of their career.
And sometimes half a dozen times, it seems. But individuals who have their careers crystal clear in their minds still seem to do "obligatory" stints in other career paths: Riker was quite monomaniacally aiming for the center seat of a starship, but still briefly became a yellowshirt for some reason...
In the case of Riker, he might have had to switch to a yellowshirt when he was promoted to an empty operations officer position on the Potemkin, but then switched back to a redshirt upon being assigned as the Hood's exec.
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