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Re: Would curing the Phage be a Prime Directive Breach?

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If curing the Phage wouldn't be a Prime Directive violation, then neither would curing the Valakians in "Dear Doctor" (if there had been a PD at that time).
The Valakians wern't warp capable....and yes, that is a stupid demarcation line.
If a culture doesn't know something you don't tell them. Let them figure it out for themselves and they'll be richer for the experience.

Most planets without Warp technology think that they are alone or can't prove that they arn't alone and it would break all their economies and philosophies to rectify that belief.

The Warp demarcation isn't really the line in the sand it's a question of awareness. Are they aware that there are ten thousand planets out there that are full of assholes?

I'm sure there are plenty of planets without Warp technology who for one reason or another all know all about the aliens of the galaxy, and the Federation would legally be able to make contact with them as a trading partner.

Good Lord, the Ferengi Bought Warp Drive!
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