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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I agree about Hulk. Black Widow on the other hand, I'm very interested to see.

I struck gold today at Toys R Us. Two out of three of the first wave of the new 6" Iron Man Legends came home with me.

The one on the left is one of the classic armors. This one is a repaint of the very hard to find two-pack Iron Man from years back, only with a new interchangeable helmet. This is still the very best representation of Iron Man's classic armor. On the right is the modern Bleeding Edge armor, which is one of my favorite designs. The figure does not disappoint, either. He's actually the proper height for Iron Man. Far too often, Iron Man figures have wound up being rather shrimpy in the Marvel Legends line. I'm thrilled to have both of them. Now I'm on the lookout for Iron Patriot, and eagerly await the announcement of the next wave so that I can complete the Iron Monger BAF.
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