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Re: the new MONOPOLY token is...

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I know there was actually an official version of this, but some years ago my sister and I made a Star Trek monopoly. We've still got it, actually. The one thing we couldn't make was the tokens...
Are you still wanting tokens? If so, try searching for "Star Trek Pewter" ... They made pewter figurines of the characters in at least two sizes. One was the normal-type, about 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall for each. Then there was another much smaller version, about one inch tall, that was made for some kind of game. As I understand it, they originally came five or six to a package, and were then supposed to be painted by the consumer and then used as characters in whatever game it was.

I've seen them in flea markets, and bought a set of them just a few days ago, a set of the main seven from TOS, for $15 total. It was a reasonable price to me. They're a bit taller than the normal Monopoly pieces, but they'll work for me.

This is in addition to the official pieces the company (Hasbro?) included with their various Trek Monopoly games, of course.
Interesting, thanks. We've long used other game pieces when it gets brought out periodically, but thanks for the idea.
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