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Re: Anthology Series

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CBS doesn't care about British shows. They make their money in the US. Masters of SF was burned off in the summer and was not renewed for a 2nd season. Masters of Horror got a 2nd season, but that was it.
I'm just establishing that the format isn't dead. And US TV networks certainly remake a fair number of British shows (eg, The Office), so clearly some attention is paid to happenings in that market.

TZ and TOL aired 50 years ago. Unless you show CBS something that works today they won't care about a format that was popular in the past.
TZ aired 50 years ago... and 30 years ago, and then ten years ago. TOL aired 50 years ago, and 20 years ago, and coming soon, apparently.

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How do you know that? While it's probably true that Pine, Quinto, Urban et. al won't do a TV series, there's no reason why CBS couldn't just recast the TOS roles yet again. The actors in the M*A*S*H movie didn't reprise their roles for the TV series (with the exception of Gary Burghoff). The same roles were recast, to hugely successful effect.
Well, you're right, I don't know that. M*A*S*H is one example of a hugely successful movie-to-TV transition with new actors. I think with the ubiquity of home video these days, that would be a lot more jarring to modern audiences. But it's certainly possible there'd be a new TOS series with different actors.

Maybe the innate conservatism of bean-counters makes it unfeasible, but I'd certainly prefer that the next TV incarnation be something new. I'd prefer something completely new to a different crew in the same universe, and I'd prefer that to a TOS Reboot Mark 3.

Someone mentioned the idea would need to be championed by a reputable name with established credentials. I suppose that's probably true.
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