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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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I watched the first 5 episodes did not interest me at all. To much of the same for me.
Really? That's rather strange? One of the biggest things right about SG1 and SGA is the Characters are essy to like. For me, that was the most difficult about liking SGU in the beginning, was that I disliked all the characters, and wanted to see everyone of them shoved out an airlock, there was nothing to hold onto, they were all arseholes, none of them in a fun way, just annoying and weighing the show down. In S2, this started to change for me, as the writers started to find the characters. I don't mind an unlikable character being used for the sake of drama, or a character like Kai Winn or Mayborne who is fun to hate, but, that's not what early SGU ws like for me.
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