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Re: Interesting Cumberbatch Character theory

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Here is what is said about Khan in the actual EW cover story written by Geoff Boucher:
Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Harrison also goes by the name of Khan, the genetically upgraded tyrant portrayed by Ricardo Montalban in a February 1967 episode of the original series, as well as in 1982′s big-screen Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
"Unconfirmed rumors suggest...." WTF! WTF is an unconfirmed rumor? All rumors are by definition unconfirmed. Jeez. What a load of crap. People get paid to write that stuff? Real newspapers are dying, real reporters are out of work, and this passes as someone being a journalist and doing real work to report a story? Anyone of us on these boards could've written that. I wonder if the reporter is brave enough to stand by those rumors?
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