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Re: Interesting Cumberbatch Character theory

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I know exactly what it says, I'm just not buying that they actually know anything. I think that's just a sloppy web editor, it may turn to be the case, but, I don't believe they have any actual knowledge to support that blurb. Why would JJ choose now to reveal that? It makes no sense to me
I agree that it's most likely sloppy journalism.

As an aside, I strongly support the idea that he likely isn't Khan (who was my original guess), but one of the other augments from Botany Bay, the circumstances surrounding her discovery being substantially different within the new timeline.
Yup, and SalvadorHardin's post confirms, EW isn't confirming it, but, rather repeating the unconfirmed rumors.

Yea, it's very likely he is an Augment, and possibly Khan, but, I'm leaning towards not Khan.

Truly, it makes no difference to me. If he does turn out to be Khan, it won't be a retread of Space Seed or Wrath of Khan. It will be an entirely new story, so wether he's Khan or another Augment makes no difference whatsoever, IMHO, the only thing it will have in common with the previous stories is the Super Strength/Intelligence, the long nap, and that he will be the bad guy, nothing else will be the same.
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