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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

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Frasier was great, riddled with esoteric references and yet wasn't beneath itself to do fart jokes and the like. They had Fraiser's dad balance out all of the academic references with his rough around the edges character.
Haha, true, and reminds me of my favorite joke from Archer, which takes most of the episode to set up and pay off.

Archer gives Cyril an inkpen filled with poison, and warns him that the cap slips off for no reason sometimes. He then also gives Cyril a Russian pistol (a literal Chekhov gun), and tells him it has no safety, and that he should keep it in his underwear. Later, when a hooker is digging in Cyril's pants she accidentally gets stabbed with the poison pen and apparently dies.

Archer: I said the cap slips off the poison pen for like no reason, didn't I?
Cyril: I know, but I assumed that if anything bad happened...
Archer: Do NOT say the Chekhov gun, Cyril. That sir, is a facile argument.
Woodhouse: And also woefully esoteric.

Takes some background knowledge to get the joke, even if you were paying attention to the set-up.
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