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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

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I know people who act exactly like the characters on the show (and the Sheldons are as clueless about it as he is).
Same here. That's why I don't get it when people say that it's just making fun of nerds or portraying that sort of culture inaccurately, because from my perspective working at a university and living with someone who was in a PhD program in Physics, the show is dead on. It's so funny to me because there is so much truth in it, kind of the like the first few seasons of The Office (before it got too detached from reality). The jokes make sense and are hilarious because these things happen in real life, and the real life "characters" are just as clueless about it, as Carcazoid said.

Pretty much it which is why some maybe react so harsh against Big Bang calling it shit or something else because they believe it's making a mockery of the sub culture.

That's open for debate but as Spot said the steretypes in the show are not far off from reality and i have some similarities to the guys on the show myself which is why i find the show so funny because at times you need to be able to laugh about yourself.

The shows' golden seasons were 1-2, maybe 3 (the time where they actually made science jokes but a little bit of general knowledge and a bit of interest in science was easily enough to get most jokes) but they did downgrade the complexity of the humor once the show hit really big and became one of the most successful current sitcoms. It bounced back in a different way once the girl group was established as a counterpoint to the guys and i'm really looking forward to each new episode now as i find the show quite entertaining.
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