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Re: Anthology Series

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The next Star Trek series is likely to be a sizable departure from the past style of storytelling, but an anthology format isn't likely because where's the audience for that format?
The same ones who watch these new Star Trek movies without really knowing anything about the characters before. Movie length stories. They can make it look the same as the movies except it's just people walking around urgently.
Movies and TV are such different animals, I don't think you can take what works in movies and port it over to TV, or vice versa.

Movies ask people to pay $12 or so for 2 hours of zap-bang, visually stunning entertainment. (Leaving aside the Oscar-bait sort of "quality" movie, since Star Trek isn't in that category.)

Would people pay $6 an hour for a TV series? That's way off the scale of even premium cable, I'm sure for their $100 or whatever people pay now (I cut the cord, couldn't handle the price increases every five seconds), people expect more than 16 hours of entertainment, which works out to just over half an hour a day. Anyone who watches TV that little should cut the cord already!

If millions of people were willing to pay that much more for TV, then maybe TV would become wealthy enough that they could afford the amazing shit that would justify the price tag. And you also have to factor in sports, which sucks up an inordinate proportion of cable bills. So the costs for movie-style fiction made for TV would drive up costs even beyond what you'd expect, because now it's costly sports plus costly original movies, bwah!

But as it is, people go to movie theaters if they want the amazing visual action stuff right after it premieres, and expect TV to deliver something entirely different for a much cheaper price, in one of the formats they are used to - broadcast comedy, police procedural, snob-appeal cable drama, etc. Star Trek's dilemma is that it doesn't slot neatly into any of those formats. It's a square peg that needs to be pounded into a round hole, for instance by being animated for kids = The Cartoon Network.
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