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Re: Geordi's Authority

A moot point, since that version of Picard shied away from command responsibilities, rather than went after them.
How is that "moot"? We have an example of an officer graduating in command colors, then performing science duties - and an alternate example of the same officer graduating in command colors, then proceeding to command duties. Having a white collar at graduation caters for both blueshirt and redshirt duties, then, which is relevant "positive" information. In contrast, we never get the sort of relevant "negative" information that would establish that wearing blue is an obstacle to later wearing red (Spock did that, for one) or vice versa (the alternate Picard did that).

All that is left less than clear is whether Picard needed to complete further command studies after graduation in order to proceed from white Ensign collar to red Captain uniform, or whether he had already taken the necessary command classes at the Academy. There seem to be two paths there: Kirk was said to have taken the ultimate command test, the Kobayashi Maru test, while still a cadet, but Saavik took it while already a Lieutenant.

Isn't it possible that the Movie-era unifrom still in use during Picard's early carrer had undergone a revision by that time and a white shirt did not denote division.
Everything is possible. The above idea just isn't likely. White was still clearly associated with command in the sense that Captain Garrett wore it on the E-C.

I actually think the best fit is just that Starfleet personnel can change jobs over the course of their career.
And sometimes half a dozen times, it seems. But individuals who have their careers crystal clear in their minds still seem to do "obligatory" stints in other career paths: Riker was quite monomaniacally aiming for the center seat of a starship, but still briefly became a yellowshirt for some reason...

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