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Re: Can a Religious and Non religious relationship work?

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Dude, where's your qualifiers?
It's a yes or no question, so I answered it that way.

But yes, I really do believe it can work. It depends on the personalities involved. There can be jerks, and nice people, in all persuasions (or lack thereof) of faith. That, not the beliefs themselves, is what is going to hurt or help the relationship.

Me, if I was madly in love with a woman who was atheist, I would not let it kill the possibility of a life together. It wouldn't turn me off. I certainly wouldn't spend all my time trying to convert her or anything like that. And I sure wouldn't berate her for not believing as I do. That's not the way to bring people to Christ.

Anyhoo, I can speak from a tiny bit of experience, growing up with a Lutheran father and a Catholic stepmother. They never fought (although my stepmom did used to give me some extremely good natured jabbing when I brought home a copy of Luther's Small Catechism ), so why should this be any different? Think about it.
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