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Moldy Bread

So I bought a loaf of bread at a store the other day. Apparently they don't do a good job of rotating out the stock because the bread was out of date when I bought it, and beyond out of date today. Now, normally this brand of bread is okay plenty of days beyond the date with little problems.

Except this time.

Today I noticed a spot of mold on a couple slices of the bread. So I shrugged took out the two slices of bread with the mold on it, the two-or three slices of the loaf from their to the end of the loaf and three slices behind the mold spot. And made myself a sandwich with a few slices of the remaining loaf before throwing the rest out. I'm eating the sandwiches now.

Am I doing something stupid?

The bread tastes fine, maybe a bit on the stale side but not bad.

Am I going to be hunched over a toilet in 20 minutes?
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