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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

LOL same here It takes me 20 seconds at maximum to get any strange dog to play with me. Only my parents' current dog doesn't. I have a suspicion that the previous owner tried too hard to train him. He's a good dog, eager to please and intelligent, but he is sensitive and needs a firm but very light hand. Interestingly, I rank with him even above my dad and he begins to play with me now. Very careful but nevertheless. It's a start
He's no howler at all (he tries to comfort me when I howl for fun) but he's rather a barker. One of the sort that barks first and only afterwards takes a closer look. And he loves to scare the postman:
we have a thick hedge around the garden and the letter box is installed in a brick pillar next to the garden gate. When the dog hears the postman come, he sneaks up to the pillar, taking cover behind the hedge, and the moment the postman pushes the mail into the letter box (with outstretched arms at as big a distance as possible), the dog jumps up behind the gate and delivers quite a show.
More than once our poor mail has ended up flying through the air instead of being dropped into the box
I pity the guy but on the other hand seeing him run through a cloud of falling envelopes is so irresistably funny...
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