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Re: Basic Science Question - "fabric" of space

I am not a scientist, but I know, that it is not a matter of preferring one over the other.
But that one provides a working model that enables us to make predictions about the nature of the universe.

Ok, we have a pretty simple understanding of dark matter, which we only call that way because we lack a better understanding of "stuff that does stuff to the rest of the observable universe".
But within the model it does the job of confirming our predictions. Did I get that right?

Eventually we might be able to produce whatever that dark matter stuff is or at least simulate it's exact properties to confirm it as matter or discover something new that has the same effects on the rest of the universe and give it a better fitting name.

it is very unlikely that we discover all our models to be entirely wrong and have to start from scratch when they serve us and work so well within the confines of our ability to observe the universe.
In the end it is just a matter of accuracy.
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