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Re: Is the opening section of GENS basically the best part of the movi

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Personally I think there is an interesting story buried in the John Harriman character.

A capable Starfleet Officer in his own right but he struggles mightily trying to be the guy who follows CAPTAIN KIRK as skipper of the Big E.

I think there could be a great character story hidden in there.
That's the single good thing I took away from opening night GENERATIONS, and I think it remains the best TREK-related idea I've had. You have a real LORD JIM here, somebody who is going to be haunted forever by this moment where he just didn't rise to the occasion and will always be thought of as The Guy Who Got Kirk Killed.

Got a huge file on what could have been a good limited series that goes into the political paranoia feel in Fed and SF during SFS and TUC, and how that fuels throwing Harriman to the wolves, dispersing the crew and even burning the name off the E-B's hull, and what it takes to get the Enterprise back in good graces and how Harriman atones and even almost prospers (at least internally) from the effort. Have never read the subsequent Peter David novel because I don't want to see if he went the same route or not.
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