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Re: What were they thinking? AVENGERS style TREK

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What were they thinking? The possibilities were endless…

Looking at the shared universe franchises of THE AVENGERS, the X-MEN and soon to join the club STAR WARS and DC Comics, I wonder if the analysts at Paramount will knock their heads on their tables after realizing the stupidity of the decision they took back in 2006 to re-invent STAR TREK.

Yes, we have to go back half a decade to discuss this matter further.
2006: BATMAN BEGINS and CASINO ROYALE launched a very successful reboot of their respective franchises. It was hard to sell established continuity, since the producers and managers thought that the average Joe, who goes to the movies is unable to remember more than 2 films back into a movie series. And no doubt, both relaunch movies were great.

But now, half a decade later, cinema changed once again: Movie franchises which span not only one, or two sequels, but consist of sidequels, prequels and spinoffs are more popular than ever. Marvel started the trend, having produced 6 films in the shared continuity in less than 10 years! The X-Men are following suit having so far released 5 films, with number 6 and 7 following; joining the club will be the fantastic four… but that was just the beginning…
It appears now that every studio tries to create it’s own shared universe: DC comics will launch it with MAN OF STEEL this year, Fox is connecting dots in the Alien/Prometheus/Predator franchise, and it is possible that Blade Runner is/will become part of it, too; universal is creating a spy franchise out of the Bourne series... and I guess we will see a sidequel to the teen-loved Twilight series down the road, too!

Now look at TREK. How outdated it feels (again). Yet, Paramount failed to realize… all the other studios are craving for… are building up… all that was already there. There is no other universe like the established TREK universe, spanning more than 700 hours of TV and 10 movies. A sandbox for every author.

Imagine how an AVENGERS-style TREK film could look like, teaming up original Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer!

They had it all, yet they failed to see… I wonder how you guys think about it... let me know.
You'r pointing at apples and tying to prove something about Oranges.
Marvel/Avengers, DC/Justice League, etc are buildng their Universes now, they aren't dragging in 50 years of previous TV shows and movies.

Marvel/Avengers Universe building is the exact opposite of wanting Trek to drag in DS9, Voyager, ENT, and TNG characters to their current Film Franchise. Following the Marvel/Avengers model (Or something close to it) with Star Trek, would b more along the lines of Spinning Pike from Trek '09 off into his own movies, and maybe spinning off a movie of Vulcan rebuilding it's Society on their new Planet and stuff like that, or having a movie to introduce some new Captain, or Admiral or other Character, and having them appear in Trek XIII, or maybe have a Movie set entirely at the Academy following new Cadets, etc.

Now, I'm not saying this is a Good idea, I really don't think it's wise to saturate the market right now with Trek movies, I'm just aying what you're suggesting for Trek is the exact opposite of what your examples are doing, and I merely made suggestions of what would follow the same kind of pattern as your examples.

I believe, if/when Into Darkness shows itself to be a success, it gives Orci/Kurtzman a good leg up to pitch a TV Series to have premiere around the same time as the third movie in the Trilogy is released, and that would be a saturated enough market. 2 Series running concerrntly and Theatrical movies going at the same time, is what eventually put the Franchise into it's coma. Now sure, there were some major writing problems that contributed, but, I'm not sure that all would have been well even with both Series and the Theatrical movies being stellar. I think for the amount of audience you need to make the profits that are desired, you aren't going to get there, and stay there, if you over-saturate the market.
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