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Re: What were they thinking? AVENGERS style TREK

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You're absolutely right. However, as I said in a prior post, if written and directed well, I believe these films would be successful. I will also state that I believe they would be considered among the best science fiction films made in the past twenty years or so.
Because of your personal investment in the Trek universe, I don't think you realize how little people care about it and how detrimental it could be to the commercial and critical success of a movie. People would not be excited about a story starring Picard, Ezri and some character from Enterprise: they would think it's laughable.
Perhaps I don't, but I'm not counting on the Trek name to put butts in the seats. I'm counting on a good story, interesting characters, and memorable scenes to do that because I believe in David Mack's ability as a writer to adapt the spirit of his story to film and I believe the right director for the films can be found.
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