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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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^^^PS3/360 are all at the 39.99 and below mark, they have never really be above that..........Wii-U games on the other hand all seemed to come with that 49.99 price tag.......although funnily enough i have noticed even at Game they have dropped in price about a 5 in the last few weeks.

No doubt that 50 price tag was not helping move many......which would be no surprise. lol.

Though i might be a bit spoiled with the xbox/PS3........i just orders Aliens CM with a Turtle beach xbox headset for 49.99..........i mean talk about a bargain.
I expect it'll drop over time. I remember Xbox 360 and PS3 games being around 45.99 or more when they first launched. then came down, with Wii coming out around 40 and dropping over time too. I expect the same will happen with the Wii U. But I'm with you, I refuse to pay more than 35-40.
I was looking to replace my Wii for the reason of having the Wii-U upscaling all the Wii games to a better res, i know they wont be HD but a sharper crisper Wii game would have been nice.

But i will have to wait till it drops down in price.....cant justify that 250 for the basic bundle alone......and i'm tight.

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