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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Warning: I usually have spoilers in my posts and don't mention it (since it is a topic basically about me watching B5 now) but just incase, there are big spoilers about the end of Season 2, so be warned.

Comes the Inquisitor - This was an ok episode, but not great. I get the idea behind it, and they did it decently, I just didn't like the idea of torturing Delenn and then Sheridan to prove that they are "worthy". Well, whose to say that Kosh is worthy? Maybe he's not the right person. I don't care if his race is ancient, that doesn't mean he's automatically better than anyone else. I'd like to see him get tortured for awhile (although I'm not sure he could even be tortured). Actually, the Inquisitor's scenes with Delenn reminded me of a much better episode of a sci Fi series where a main character is tortured (even if the situation is completely different). I kept hoping the sequence would evenutally turn into:

Sebastian: Who are you?


The Inquisitor was ok, I guess. He did the part well, I just wasn't too excited about the part. The reveal that he was Jack the Ripper was interesting (although I prefer Jack to be a non-corporeal being that feeds on the fear and pain caused by his murders ). The fact that the Vorlons use him just makes them seem like bigger asses (lets find a serial killer to test the worthiness of people ). The scene with G'Kar and Vir in this episode was good. The episode ended in a very cliched fasion (it was their willingness to die for people that made them worthy, which is the reason 95% of people in Sci Fi seemed to be deemed worthy in situations like this), like I had guessed it was. This was an ok episode, although weaker than I'd expect from an episode right before the end.

The Fall of Night - The Vir/Lennier scene was entertaining, with both of them complaining about how they are always the last to know anything. The centauri continue to cause trouble. The Night Watch reappears, and confirms my suspicion that its an evil orginazation (when have anyone wearing that type of armband been good guys?). Arresting people for speaking against the president/his decisions should be obviously evil and against the law even in the B5 universe, but I guess at this point nothing EarthGov does is that surprising. The peace guy really ticked me off, as did the always idiotic EarthGov. A non-agression treaty? EarthGov is officially the worst (not expressly evil) government I've seen in a sci Fi TV show. The peace guy was just annoying, thinking that bowing to the Centauri was going to cause anything but problems in the long run. Between that and the fact thaty half of B5's crew seem to be disloyal scum willing to turn people in/betray Sheridan with little reason, I was getting rather annoyed at this episode. The peace guy seriously needed to get kicked out an airlock. I'm glad Sheridan basically said screw you to the upcoming treaty and defended the Narn. It was a cool fight (B5 got pretty beat up, but still won). The bomb scene was kind of predictable, but Kosh's reveal was not. It was cool seeing him leave his encounter suit to save Sheridan. I hadn't guessed that Sheridan was weightless., but then again I hadn't figured out that the rotating sphere section is apparently an outdoor area or something (I guess it spins for artificial gravity?). The fact that everyone saw something different explains the earlier comments about Kosh (Londo apparently not seeing anything was very interesting). It looks like that fighter pilot found his answers, although he died in the process and now his pics will probably make the shadows attack sooner than even Kosh's reveal would have. Ivanova's vopice over at the end was great. Overall, I liked this episode. Even with an EarthGov plot that made me want to throw something at the TV at times, it had cool moments, and really made me excited for season 3 (which I should be arriving in a week or two from
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