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Re: Anthology Series

A new crew in the JJverse is not played out. We haven't seen a TV series like that. Plus, why assume the audience for that series would be identical to the audience for previous Star Trek series? There would be a lot of new viewers brought in by the movies.

Wherever the series airs, there would be an existing audience that might check out the series. I would expect the series to be crafted somewhat to the expectations of that audience. A Star Trek series on Netflix would be different from one on Showtime, the CW or The Cartoon Network.

The next Star Trek series is likely to be a sizable departure from the past style of storytelling, but an anthology format isn't likely because where's the audience for that format? More likely the departure will be something like, a more adult approach (Showtime), animated series for kids (Cartoon Network) or teen angst (CW).

but then I remembered that "The Clone Wars" is an anthology show.
We have different definitions of anthology then. To me, anthology is The Twilight Zone, where each episode features characters for that one episode and they never return. TCW is a series with a large recurring cast, and not all characters can be crammed into every episode, so the focus moves around. That's not as radical as a true anthology format, which doesn't give the audience recurring characters to follow.

Horror got a 2nd season, but that was it. TZ and TOL aired 50 years ago. Unless you show CBS something that works today they won't care about a format that was popular in the past.
Right - by far the most relevant thing about Star Trek today is the movies being successful, and even that doesn't translate directly to TV, which is a very different business than movies. CBS is looking around and seeing zero successful space opera series in the market right now, and no successful anthology series either. Star Trek already has one strike against it, why make it two?

Sounds good, but finding new main actors, and ideas for new main characters, every few episodes might be too much of a challenge to bother with.
That's the easy part, finding writers with creative ideas and good actors who can fill roles well. The hard part is all on the business side. Why should CBS bother with an expensive type of series that has only a niche audience? Another hold-up is that somebody with credibility needs to champion this idea so CBS will even listen. Hopefully when Bob Orci's schedule is free, he can put some effort into it, it sounds like he wants to.

While it's probably true that Pine, Quinto, Urban et. al won't do a TV series, there's no reason why CBS couldn't just recast the TOS roles yet again.
True, but the reason Abrams recast the TOS roles was to use famous names to revive the Star Trek brand. Now that that's been accomplished, there's less need to use the whole team of Kirk, Spock, etc. Maybe they could bring over one character from the movies -Quinto and Cho both do TV - and build a series out from there.

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