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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Now here's something amusing. If you do a Google search of images for "Spaceship Friede" you get some of the images I've posted in this thread.

This happened before when doing my TOS shuttlecraft schematics and 3D model.

More to the point I'll have to check the dvd for reference. Fantastic Plastic offers a kit of the Friede and on their build they depict it with a red band around the fuseluge just below the stage separation. Firstly I want to see if such a band is actually there given it's not indicated on the drawings in the Spaceship Handbook. If a band is there then I'm guessing that someone at Fantastic Plastic is assuming the band should be red. Or it could be just a quick and simple way to add colour to an otherwise plain expanse of silver on a simple shape. The Spaceship Handbook simply states the main colour is silver with half of the upper section painted black. Fantastic Plastic also went with amber tinted windows which, again, might be pure conjecture on their part.
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