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Re: Last Resort Series Finale Discussion *Spoilers Possible*

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All in all the writers on this show were horrible. They had no clue what to do with the crew once they got to the island. The show slowly turned from a military/political thriller to soap opera dreck. It's good it was cancelled.
Hollywood is utterly incapable of creating a series focusing on the US Navy without screwing it up.

Supercarrier was supposed to be based on a great book written by a reporter about a typical cruise on the USS John F. Kennedy. By the third episode it was less like Carrier Life and more like Peyton Place.

Emerald Point, NAS started with the intention of being Peyton Place on a naval base, so you got maybe a couple of shots of F-14's taking off and a deluge of sex and whining.

Pensacola: Wings of Gold was less like what the title would suggest and more like Space: Above and Beyond...without the "space" and without the "beyond."

JAG and NCIS, the exceptions, are only that because one is really a court show and the other is a police procedural, shows that the networks seem to like. (And JAG got cancelled off its first network while it was trying to be an adventure show.) Neither is really about the activities and day-to-day work of the Navy itself.

With this track record, and given the stupidity of the pilot, I saw the crap of Last Resort coming for miles. I don't know why it took some of you the entire run to figure it out.

I'd give real money for someone to figure out how to do a show like Britain's Warship or Australia's Sea Patrol for American television using a US Navy ship. That would be awesome...
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