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Re: Does Canada Produce Good TV Shows?

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But I am stunned that we've gotten this far without mentioning Canada's greatest ever contribution to the medium: Made in Canada. It was a scathing satire about unscrupulous Canadian TV producers. It starred Rick Mercer (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) & Peter Keleghan (Ranger Gord from The Red Green Show). It lasted 5 seasons, but only the 1st 6 episodes were ever released on DVD before Salter Street Films went broke. (And that barebones DVD is so out of print that it costs about $74.94 on My greatest wish would be for Seasons 2-5 to get released on DVD. Does no one else remember this show?

Ahh, good point about the show! I somehow never really got around to watching it much, but I did like what I've seen of it. It's almost like Arrested Development in the humour department.

I'm currently watching Arctic Air, another good recent show; a scripted drama about aviation in the Canadian north. And love watching Ice Pilots, which is in its 4th season.
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