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Not Cardassian. Although I have been thinking alot about what I TOS Cardassian ship might look like.

Since the old man has been in the hospital for Pancreatitis things are starting to go down hill. They took care of the Gallstone causing the problem and the infection. But there appears to be another infection they can’t track down and they think he might need more surgery but consider him at too high of a risk to do it. His dementia has progressed to what looks like the final stage. He doesn’t talk and won’t feed or cloth himself. But this could also be caused by the unknown infection.
Anyway back to the fun stuff.
Made the nav deflector and did a test texture.

This is how it looks behind the nav deflector.

I noticed some mesh errors on the forward window so I just cloned the ones behind them and replaced the bad ones.

I also did a negative extrusion to make the window I forgot to extrude last time. I think they match up well enough.
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