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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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So the track listing is out now. It is only 73.2% as bad as I had expected a few days ago - ah well.
As opposed to... not getting an album at all? Come on.

Puzzling to see we get The Visitor again when disc space is at a premium - that episode already had a rather comprehensive suite on one of the Best-ofs.
True. But it could be that being that it's also such a popular episode, the label wanted to include it. Or maybe the composer (McCarthy) insisted on including it because he likes it or feels its some of his best work. Or, maybe La-La Land didn't want to deal with the possible fan outrage of it not being included, because come on, let's be honest here - we outrage over the silliest things sometimes.

I think that Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang would have been a much better inclusion instead of Our Man Bashir. A soundtrack by the same composer, in the same vein, only vastly superior. The wall-to-wall music of the entire heist scene is quite spectacular - as is the training/slomo walking down the promenade in 60s get-up montage.
Yeah, but look at it this way. The music from "Our Man Bashir" has never been released or available outside of the actual broadcast episode. Meanwhile, Frontier himself has a rip of the jazzy slo-mo scene music you're talking about available for download over at TrekCore. It's entirely possible that La-La Land didn't bother to include that music because it's already "out there." I mean, why waste disc space with something people can (and have been able to) get for free for the last 14 years?
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