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Re: Anthology Series

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Once the Abrams trilogy is completed, there will probably eventually be a new TV show. But because the movie actors will almost certainly not sign up for a series with the same cast, it's likely the series won't follow Kirk and Co.
How do you know that? While it's probably true that Pine, Quinto, Urban et. al won't do a TV series, there's no reason why CBS couldn't just recast the TOS roles yet again. The actors in the M*A*S*H movie didn't reprise their roles for the TV series (with the exception of Gary Burghoff). The same roles were recast, to hugely successful effect.

CBS will retain all the sets, props, costumes, CGI models, etc. from the movies, so they wouldn't have to spend money on those. By recasting the iconic TOS roles again, they wouldn't have to pay movie-star salaries to the new actors. That's the way I'd do it if I were CBS.
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