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Re: Archer - 4x01 - Fugue and Riffs

Finally caught the premiere and the next episode on VOD and I Have to admit the show hasn't really lost any of the steam from the previous 3 seasons - I also like how they do show SOME progression of the characters. The second episode was funny with them again revisiting the "Just the Tip!" joke, but more for the "Peer Reviews" running joke - which as anyone who's ever worked in an office or company that did that, can tell you that their reactions were totally spot on.

Cyril having to lay naked in the snow while Lana made a sling for a tree to fall was just too funny. Good thing this is just animation, doubt any male actor would willingly lay face down in the snow butt naked and wait for the shot!

I am a little curious though about where that new hubby of Mallory's came from, just sort of came out of nowhere and even by the second episode, he's more or less ignored other than her talking about a Cruise.

The flashback scene was awesome - a THIN Pam... wow. I just assumed she was always heavy!
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