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Re: USPS ends Saturday delivery (as of August)

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No, they're a government agency pretty much all the way since they're governed directly by Congress. This entire weekend off proposal isn't going to happen unless Congress approves it.
Actually, while Congress normally mandates Saturday delivery, they forgot to mandate it in the continuing resolution/Fiscal Cliff deal. Because they forgot, the Postal Service is taking advantage of this. The whole thing is basically a political showdown with Congress. Daring them to affirmatively legislate something that will lose the Post Office money. The real target is the pension requirement, which will make them self-sufficient once again, but who knows with Congress.
Possible I think we will still be $5 billion/year in the hole even without the 75 year pre-funding. For the record my union was the only postal union to support the law at first seeing a future where the service ran out of money. The future, like computer technology itself just came on faster then law makers and union leaders anticipated. And the present becomes do you want people on unemployment on my watch with elections coming up.
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