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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Delta and the Bannerman and The War Games

I had really high hopes going into Delta as McCoy was the Dr I started with though only in his Ace years. But I found the story hard to get into and not that engaging. Interesting idea behind it but not well executed.

War Games started off really well and I was hooked but at 10 episodes was too long and did start to drag. Would have been better in the original planned length.
I like most of McCoy's Serials, and I appreciate him as the Doctor more than most do, but, yea, Delta and The Bannermen is about the worst Serial in all of Classic Who, IMHO

War Games, yes, it's long, but, I enjoy it, because it goes lots of places. Definitely not something most could do in one sitting, but, I think it's quite enjoyable if you do it in 5 episode chunks (This makes it seem more like 2 Serials, I believe, because of how much the story changes from Ep 1 to the ending) or, do as some folks like to do and just do an episode a day.
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