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Re: USPS ends Saturday delivery (as of August)

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Take some of those letter carriers and make them parcel scanners. You REALLY want to make people flock to USPS Parcel over UPS or FedEx? GPS every single one of your trucks so people can feverishly stalk their incoming purchase instead of waiting at home all day only to have the damned thing show up at 7pm.

Badaboom badabing.
Actually we are still short of carriers. As the service has tried to shed workers all but carriers have been given incentives to retire early. The new generation of scanner just coming online is GPS equipped with mobile uploading replacing the first two generations we carried which only updated at the end of the day when the scanner was placed in its modem dock.

Everybody, even within the postal service balks at paying what we do for the simple matter of finding the bar code on a piece and scanning it but the latest contracts have mandated a two tier workforce and the lower cost new hires are just coming into the service. The problem being since the loss of a service day and at a lower wage they will be starved out and there is no area cost of living adjustment like federal workers have you have the same set of circumstances which caused New York postal workers to go on their wildcat strike against the Post Office Department which lead to the modern USPS.

It is more a matter of equipment designed to speed letters and now standard magazines standing idle while machines needed to move parcels are overwhelmed and since like the nation as a whole the Postal Service has reached their borrowing limit so they can't make the capital investment on more parcel moving equipment, especially after just buying flat moving equipment which because it makes publishers discounted route sorted packing moot has been a waste
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