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Re: A parade of spaceships...

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It's somewhat ironic that a real starship traveling at a significant percentage of light, maybe even 90% or better, would likely have a shape reminiscent of those classic rocketships, to better pierce the interstellar medium (which isn't a true vacuum) and assuming it was made of truly advanced materials.
You're assuming here that such a ship wouldn't have a warp field and deflector array to spread the interstellar medium before it came in contact with the ship.
Well if it's in a warp field then it probably wouldn't need such a deflector system while in warp since the ship would effectively be not in normal space. But I was referring to a starship somewhat more likely within (conjectural) reach as we currently understand physics as opposed to something purely speculative. Presently a fast relativistic ship is just as speculative as a FTL ship other than the relativistic ship is easier to wrap your head around in terms of what we currently know.
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