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Re: Are We Living In A Box?

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there's not much to dispute what the jets are actually made of.
Stardust Shatters Comet Theory (3)

The shock came from the discovery of minerals that can only form at extremely high temperatures, up to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. The minerals could not have been created in the cold depths scientists had envisioned. Also, the investigators have yet to find any markers left by water, and some components appear to exclude the presence of water in their formative phase.
Deep Impact—Where’s the Water? This is the first of a series of articles.

But as best we can tell, until very recently there had been no public acknowledgment by NASA that none of the prior comet visits (Halley, Borrelly, Wild 2) had revealed surface water!
You linked those before. And it remains relevant, so I repeat: there is no dispute over what the JETS are made of. The halo and tail of the comets are both known to be composed of water and other volatiles, and WELL known at that, because for decades that was the only part of the comet we could even see and examine. They probes that studied Halley on its last pass confirmed as much.

It's the surface composition of the COMET ITSELF that is (or was) up for debate. The present leading theory is that the comets are essentially very porous asteroids with vast water reservoirs beneath a stony surface (interestingly, Ceres and Vesta appear to have the same basic structure).
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