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Re: USPS ends Saturday delivery (as of August)

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Really, if they end bulk mailing they could probably solve a large number of their problems when it comes to workload. But, yeah, ending Saturday deliveries makes sense.

I don't use much mail either I have one or two bills I think I still pay through the mail and that's it.
It used to be that "junk" was carried to supplement the first class letter mail. Under the assumption that we were going to the address anyway. Because of their route order prepared packaging and acceptance of a lower standard of service business and non profit mailers were given a reduced rate. Today however it is the "junk" which is the only predictable work load which can be planned and managed should the service choose to do so. However lately overall volume has dropped to the point that everything is shoved out as it comes in cause peaks and valleys in delivery operations.

A big problem today is that parcel volume has spiked but the service is not staffed or equipped to handle it. Especially with the customer wanting parcels scanned at every step in the distribution process. The service has transitioned from a letter delivery service to an advertisement deliver service and is now trying to change into a parcel delivery service. least there are 400,000 added to the unemployment rolls. However the logistic chain is built on picking up a letter, that no longer exist, from anywhere and sending it anywhere, where the receiver has already opened his email.

So far this has caught the union flat footed. I still haven't received an appeal for more contributions to the PAC. To the normal receivership of our PAC money there will be two messages pushed, save the union, heavily minority, member jobs. To the other side stop a government "czar" in this case the Postmaster General from ignoring the law and setting his own policy thus setting a precedent which other czars will follow to deny the will on Congress.

The PMG meanwhile has sent out a video saying this will happen, but no word about how the routes can be reassigned in compliance with the contract in such a short time period. And what will happen to the now excess 15% of the carrier force, almost all of whom have made the six year mark of service thus have lay-off protection.
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