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Re: Anthology Series

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What's an example of an anthology series that is successful on TV today? That will be the first question CBS asks when someone pitches an anthology show. If you don't have an answer to that, then nothing else matters.
Season 2 of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror starts next week. Only three episodes a season, but that's more about British budgets than anything else, I think. Recently (though not right now, admittedly) Masters of Horror was pretty good, Masters of SF, less so.

The mere fact that both TZ and TOL were renewed more than once shows the format has enduring appeal.

Oh, and you can find a lot more examples of characters being recast/shows rebooted than you can anthology shows.
No doubt, but I don't see what that establishes. You can find a lot more examples of shows being cancelled permanently than recast or rebooted. That's not an argument against rebooting.
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