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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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I agree, I'm just not sure that Leia really fits for the tone of a romcom. What was she in A New Hope, 20? She didn't seem like she had much time for romance...and even if she did I don't think a romance in the rebellion would be able to be a romcom. It would have to be more of a romantic drama.
"In a world where love seems impossible...
A girl may find love in the most unlikely place...
A princess and an enemy soldier...
Will they kiss... or will they kill each other?"

Unless you set it when she's 16/17, but that depends on how long she's been a part of the rebellion.

A romantic drama makes more sense to me, and it could end with her joining the rebellion. The only other option is to set it post-Jedi which either means splitting her and Han up or killing Han off.
Respectfully, who cares about that kind of things except a handful of Star Wars fans?
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