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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

...oh, and does anyone remember that bit in "Indiscretion" where they have him sit on a thorn and then waggle his backend up in the air carrying on "ahh, it hurts" like a 5-yr-old when he's meant to be this big tough soldier?

That's the first time I started thinking WTF??

I said before you can't make a character weak if you're meant to hate him; you can't make him ridiculous either. D'you reckon the writers would have inflicted that kind of laughable indignity on our revered Emissary? Or can you imagine the good captain Picard with his arse stuck in the air? No. Precisely.
Because you could never take the character seriously again.

Can't see why the actor didn't fight for his character more, the way Nana Visitor did for hers in some instances.
If I'd been him I'd have gone, "sorry but you're gonna have to rewrite this bit - I'm not playing that!"
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