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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Takei contributed nothing to TOS. He was cast entirely because of his ethnicity and only remains in the spotlight because he whores out his sexuality in the media for attention every 5 seconds. If he was a straight white guy the world wouldn't give a shit about this bland extra from a 60s action show. He's a guy that's built an entire career milking his personal life for attention, whether it be who he's feuding with or wishes to marry. This is to cover up how otherwise talentless and uninteresting he actually is. Not to mention that his camp "Ohhhh myyyyyy!" persona does nothing but set back the media's perception of gay people, for all his pretend campaigning.

It is insanely unfair that George Takei is more famous than say, another recurring non-regular Trek actor like Andrew Robinson. Who actually is a superlative actor with interesting things to say (A Stitch in Time).

Oh, and Takei's performance in that Voyager episode was an embarrassing disaster that made all his bitchy comments over the years regarding Shatner's acting even more laughable.

Rant over.
A brutal truth this may be, but brutal or not, it is the truth.
Takei kind of missed the boat on Star Trek. He did have several real opportunities in season one to work on a character, but then he was missing for most of season two and pretty much a walking prop in season three. A regular 'character' Sulu wasn't. Chekov was more fleshed out.

Which leads us to the obvious question: would any of us have really, hand-on-heart, missed Sulu if he hadn't been in any of the movies?
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