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Re: Supernatural 8x13 "Everybody Hates Hitler" spoiler discussion thre

I hope Sam checks the lair for a copy of the golem instruction book. If it's a repository for mystical knowledge for a thousand years, maybe they have a spare.

They've been worried about finding a safe place for Kevin, so I was surprised that Dean didn't bring him back to the lair. He would make a good recruit for a new Men of Letters.

And if Sam really wanted to rebuild the society, his best bet would be hunters who aren't so rough around the edges, and the children of hunters. People who already know the score.

I wonder if the lair is warded against angels as well. It is protected against evil, and honestly, I haven't seen a lot of difference between angels and demons as depicted on this show.

I also wondered if a 'Jefferson Starship' could gain entrance. The place was probably warded against all evil creatures known as of 1958, but the Jefferson Starship is new. Yea they are probably all gone, but what if one isn't?
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