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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Had a thought about Beast during dinner.

He's not a telepath so he's not going to use the Mind Gem, or more accurately the Mind gem is not going to use him to increase what ever vestigial telepathy Henry does have. What Hank does have is a colossal intellect, a fantastic mind for storing, processing and analysing data... If that's his mental skill, then perhaps that's what the mind gem will glom onto and enhance his intellect a thousand fold, making the Leader or the Kree Supreme Intelligence seem like peabrains, rewarding Dr McCoy with a massive boost in intuitiveness and inginuity that what's going on in his brain makes Forge's mutant superpower seem like instructions to a Lego Fire Engine.


I know that the Gems are not connected so it shouldnt be able to effect time, but if the human morphic field exist despite linear time, what if this intellectual boost goes forward and backward in time, so that gaining the Gem now retroactively makes Henry a Supergenius since Birth?
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