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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

What's bizarre about it? Hickman is exploring high concepts in both books, much the same way that Grant Morrison does in his work. Sometimes it's indecipherable and takes a couple of reads to comprehend, but most times it's laid out there perfectly plainly and explained. Not sure that I get the part about it's too "intellectual" for it to be Marvel's flagship book. Bendis and Hickman are too completely different writers who focus on different things in their writing, both are taking different styles to making the Avengers the marquee book in the Marvel Universe.

Also these aren't "normal" people. These are the world's smartest and greatest superheroes who are expanding their horizons and ambitions, just as Hickman is doing with his story telling in this book. Even more so with the Illumianti.
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