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Re: What killed the Defiant's crew?

I prefer the notion that the Defiant's internal systems went haywire after the crew died
Statistically, we'd want as many of the crew as possible to really have died from direct violence towards each other, because McCoy came to this conclusion after visiting something like three random locations on the ship. But mass deaths from other reasons might have taken place, as long as they happened in locations McCoy deemed too dangerous to visit...

I'm guessing that the space suit is resilient enough to instantly adjust to rapid pressurization/depressurization.
The TOS suit is somewhat "magical" in this respect: it is clearly made of soft fabric, but it doesn't balloon at all in vacuum!

Other Trek spacesuits have been hardsuits with some tight, flexible sections, sidestepping the ballooning problem. Possibly the TOS suit is a hardsuit on the inside, too, and the surface material isn't airtight (it's just a thermal/radiation shield) so it doesn't change shape at beam-ins or beam-outs.

Has the transporter ever beamed out or back an object that normally couldn't withstand a sudden change in pressurization?
...Those redshirts in "And the Children Shall Lead".

The transporter clearly adjusts for the conditions of space in some ways: objects beamed in from the extreme cold of space or alien worlds are immediately warm enough to touch with bare hands. That sort of trickery wouldn't be too different from "pressure adjustment" in scope, whatever the physical details.

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