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Re: The *NEW* Enterprise Five-Word Thingy!


Peacemaker, the NEXT time you do this crap and word gets back to me, you are permabanned.

This pattern of behavior stops now. Versteh?


* *

HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
We interrupt this thread to remind you that this is a family board.

Peacemaker wrote: View Post
"I'd rather smoke cock," Tucker
Peacemaker wrote: View Post
I love cock. Big cock

Peacemaker wrote: View Post
Tucker said, "Dongs! I want
Peacemaker wrote: View Post
for cocks and dongs was
ENOUGH, already. Good gravy.

I know innuendo is a given in these threads, but Peacemaker, you crossed that line a while back. It's time to stop fixating on your naughty bits and climb back up to PG-13 level, okay? Consider this your only caution. Go on another tear and you'll get a warning.

That goes for everybody else, too. Moratorium on all the giggly-little-grammar-schooler words.

We now return to the thread.
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