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Re: TNG Caption This! 303: He has claimed the right of captioning!

K'Ehleyr: I see you baby, shackin' that ass!

Duras: [looking after Worf, thinking] I wish I knew how to quit you.

Deanna and Beverly did attend the briefing, however they weren't sitting at the table...

Duras: What the fuck, Picard! I was told you had a hot blonde as a Security Chief! I get here and I found she didn't even survive the first season, but rather than replace her with another attractive women you opt for Worf?
Gowron: I know, right! Since he has his Counsellor sitting next to him in a low-cut onesie or micro miniskirt, I'd have thought the old horndog would want a sexy female behind him as well.

Crusher: Will, look at this. I noticed something odd on the sickbay security cameras.
Riker: What is it, Doctor?
Crusher: Doctor Selar always leaves the room a couple of minutes before Ambassador K'Ehleyr arrives. Then a few minutes after she leaves, Selar returns.
Riker: That is odd...

Troi: I believe this is a classic case of the Klingons over-compensating for other significant 'short comings'.
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