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Re: Would you prefer a 4 day week?

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A four day week sounds heavenly. But I'd settle for a five day week at this point. I currently work nine to ten hours a day, five days a week, and usually another six to eight hours over a weekend.

Been that way since '08 when there were staff reductions. They have no plans to replace the staff, because we poor salaried grunts get no overtime, so they get 50 to 60 hours a week now without extra pay.
How the fuck is that legal? Do you work in a Cambodian shoe factory?
Nope, computer programmer. Salaried employee, so I am expected to work as much as necessary and be paid for 40 hours a week. Trust me it sucks.
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Is this typical for the whole branch or would your company's competitors offer better working conditions? If they did, I'd consider changing to them. They might be happy to get you (with your insider knowledge about their "opponents").

What kind of programming do you do? OS, applications, games, boards, robot/automat programming, tailored software for customers?

I've checked with headhunters. It's become the standard. Projects have to be completed on time, no matter how many of us there are. To fail to do so reflects poorly on annual evaluations. Which are used to determine raises and who is first in line when more cuts become necessary. If you're not a 'team player' they don't need you on the team.
Team player my butt. Some people have families to take care of. As I mentioned upthread, between dropping off the kids and picking them up, I can't really get in any more than 8 hours in a normal day. I'm just glad my industry (aerospace engineering) doesn't view that as the standard. I actually get paid for my overtime, and I'm salaried like you are.
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