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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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Oh and that 'curing gayness' joke was written by a gay man.
So honestly, I think you don't even know what you're offended about.
Wow. So if a homosexual says it, it can't possibly be offensive?

A note about was popular in the first 1/3 of the 20th century. It was INCREDIBLY offensive to minorities, and that was the point. So, I don't understand why you would be surprised that people are offended if you claim to write in a "vaudevillian style."

My problem with the video is that I just don't think the jokes are very funny. I don't find talking about "white girl pussy" terribly clever. I find it very juvenile with a sort of "tee-hee" flavor. Not my cup of tea, but also just my opinion.
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